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[HDB Meeting Minutes]

HDB staff: "Sir, can we have the details on how the columnbarium tender evaluation committee differentiates between a religious organisation that runs a for-profit service, and a for-profit organisation that wants to run a religious business?"

HDB Senior Guy: "Sorry, that is on a....niche-to-know basis. You have to urn the right to know."
1. Animal Lover: "I boarded SMRT Bus 926 and found that I was in Mandai. Hahaha."

2. Honest Person: "I boarded the Presidential Bus and found that I was in denial. Hahaha."

3. Escape Artist: "I boarded the Changi Bus and found that I was in prison. Hahaha."

4. Job seeker: "I boarded the Ministry of Manpower Career Guidance Bus and found that I was in surance."

[Contrary to popular opinion...]

HDB's Public Communications team is not led by:

1. Director Liang Shan Bo and
2. Assistant Deputy Vice Director Zhu Yingtai

Neither do they look like the movie poster below.

(Image from Wikipedia)


How To Smoke Your Way In Economics 101

Question One: What is a recent hot topic example of a niche industry in Singapore?

Answer: Columbarium

I am so buzzed about this mysterious update from the Toei Video website about the upcoming summer movie that is a must-watch for fans of that Japanese unique film genre called Tokusatsu.

In particular, the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series.

The tentative "The Big Super Hero Battle" title may conjure images of Superman versus The Dark Knight while taking on the Avengers, but from a Japanese perspective, a super hero is more like a Masked Rider or any of the Power Rangers teams.

The story will bring together the Kaizoku (Pirate) Sentai Gokaigers and Kamen Rider Decade, with up to 240 super heroes expected to make an appearance.

As strange as it seems, this is the very first time that heroes from both series are in the same movie. They have been sharing a double-bill (two different movies playing together), but that's not quite the same as fighting in the same movie.

Of course, it's not quite the precedent, since the TV series Samurai Sentai Shinkenger had a much touted two-episode crossover in the Kamen Rider Decade series in 2009.

And there's also the upcoming Gokaiger versus Space Sheriff Gavan movie this month (Jan 2012).

In any case, it seems like Toei is adopting the same strategy as Marvel does for its movie properties: Making them play in the same universe.

Which is very exciting to a fanboy like me.

For all you non-believers out there, just imagine a Star Wars-Star Trek kind of crossover -- wouldn't that be mindblowing to you?

Hard Truths to Keep This Blog going

For the regular fans of this blog (all two of you out there),

I apologise for the lack of frequent updates.

Truth be told, most of my finer points in life are being raised over on my Facebook page.

Ergo, no time to pop in here to raise issues and spread some jokes.

But I might be coming back here more often from now on.

I've inspired in part by LKY's Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going.

I've just started reading and it is a hell of a ride.

Well, maybe it's not much of a surprise as he has been consistently harping on the same themes and key points over the decades....yes, I even own that book that collected his speeches from last century : )

I just hope I dare to openly share my thoughts on the local political discourse.

Well, come back here and find out!

So, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS right now does not support silly things like:
  • Cut-and-paste
  • App multitasking
  • Universal search
  • Flash or HTML 5
and yet critics are saying that this OS will allow Microsoft's partners to churn out iPhone killers?

Let's not forget, it's not an open source software, but you know, we won't bash closed systems unless we think we can get mileage out of accusing Apple.

And let's not get into the whole 'Android is open, therefore Android wins' argument.

I'll like to see, for example, any Android phone owner happily upgrading their older models to Froyo (Android 2.2).

Sorry, just calling out what I see as short-sighted reporting or commentary in the tech media.

The Return Of The Salaryman

Yes, I know, it's been almost three whole months since I've posted something here.

So yes, obviously, I am not a food blogger.

I have been busy with Facebook updates, which function bascially as the hit-and-run version of this blog.

I get crazy ideas and ridiculous puns out of the blue, which can be quickly posted on a whim on Facebook.

And I like that I get instant responses pretty often, which is like the wild applause a gifted performer might receive — or in my case, the loud groans and painful laughter which is the reward for a John Hodgeman-wannabe like me.

So yes, I guess my dream job might be to be a comedian, as painfully funny as that sounds.

As an aside, I know sometimes people don't get my puns and jokes, or understand why I bother with crafting these jokes in the first place.

It's simple: It is so easy to criticise and use %*^*^ vulgarities out here on the Internets, but try commenting on trends and happenings with an inside joke or an alluded reference to something else that is relevant or linked.

I mean, many people criticise the Government, but how many do it with flair, imagination and clean wit?

It's something I have to work at, but I enjoy doing that work.

In any case, I will start a full time job soon, so I suspect the updates here will be even more infrequent.

Let's see how it goes.

Betting on iPhone over Android

It occurs to me that the major electronics companies are betting the smart money on Apple's iPhone, not Android devices when it comes to satisfying users who want quality speaker systems for their music on the phones.

Last week, I heard some incredible Philips docking systems for iPhones/iPods, including the Fidelio DS9000. It sounds really, really good across a genre of songs (from Ah Beng tunes to Lady Gaga stuff).

But what is most impressive is that companies like Philips are bullish about the iPhone user market. And there isn't the same optimism or enthusiasm for the Android market per se.

Pick a brand, any brand, say, B&O, Bose, Creative, Logitech, LG, Philips,Sony etc — I'm just listing off the top of my head — and you'll find impressive systems with iPhone/iPod docks.

Of course, if anyone comes up with a Blade Runner sound system, I might grab an Android phone with no hesitation : )

Pay and Pray

I think those of us who don't buy into mega-churches or golden temples are a tad naive.

Religion is big business today.

The selling point is, everybody's looking for sale-vation.


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