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The Return Of The Salaryman

Yes, I know, it's been almost three whole months since I've posted something here.

So yes, obviously, I am not a food blogger.

I have been busy with Facebook updates, which function bascially as the hit-and-run version of this blog.

I get crazy ideas and ridiculous puns out of the blue, which can be quickly posted on a whim on Facebook.

And I like that I get instant responses pretty often, which is like the wild applause a gifted performer might receive — or in my case, the loud groans and painful laughter which is the reward for a John Hodgeman-wannabe like me.

So yes, I guess my dream job might be to be a comedian, as painfully funny as that sounds.

As an aside, I know sometimes people don't get my puns and jokes, or understand why I bother with crafting these jokes in the first place.

It's simple: It is so easy to criticise and use %*^*^ vulgarities out here on the Internets, but try commenting on trends and happenings with an inside joke or an alluded reference to something else that is relevant or linked.

I mean, many people criticise the Government, but how many do it with flair, imagination and clean wit?

It's something I have to work at, but I enjoy doing that work.

In any case, I will start a full time job soon, so I suspect the updates here will be even more infrequent.

Let's see how it goes.


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